Little Scholars Learning Academy, as an innovative early education program, provides a strong foundation for life-long learning while allowing each child to develop academically at their own pace in preparation for their next school environment.

I can't say enough great things about The Little Scholars program! My third child is currently attending Little Scholars Preschool, and I couldn't be happier with the results. While I love the curriculum, and I think it's so exciting that he's beginning to read at age 4, what's most important to me is his readiness for kindergarten and his confidence. The Little Scholars program, and the way it adjusts to each child's level, is such a great combination of fun and academics. I haven't been able to find that in any other preschool. Best of all, my son loves going to Little Scholars Preschool! Thank you Miss Linda!!

Laura Klee
Carmel, IN

The Little Scholars program did an amazing job of preparing my son for kindergarten. Linda McGowan is an exceptional teacher. She has a passion for teaching and a very sincere interest in the success of her students. My son attended Little Scholars Preschool for one year (2 days per week) before starting kindergarten. During that brief time, Linda taught my son a love of learning and boosted his self-confidence. My son is excelling in kindergarten this year. We actually supplement his homework assignments with extra reading and math work at the first and second grade level! I am grateful to Linda for teaching my son the joy of learning and preparing him to succeed in school.

Hollie Clark
Carmel, IN

We loved Little Scholars! The format used at Little Scholars Preschool is a unique learning experience that really fit the needs of our children. They were challenged academically with one on one instruction with Miss Linda. Both boys were reading before starting kindergarten! The group time was both fun and interactive. They really received the best of both worlds with one on one attention as well as learning to interact and thrive with other children in a group. We were very thankful to have someone like Linda McGowan teach our children. She has both an undergraduate and masters degree in teaching, so her qualifications are outstanding. But beyond her academic accomplishments, she has a gift for nurturing and encouraging the children in a loving and kind way. She's really created, in our opinion, the perfect preschool experience. We would highly recommend Little Scholars Preschool!

Rick & Kristen Burkman
Westfield, IN

Under Linda's structure and guidance, our preschooler went from mastering letters and associating sounds to reading words and sentences in no time. It is an amazing feeling, as a parent, to watch your 4-year-old work his way through an actual book with very little help! Linda is one of the most loving and motivational teachers we have encountered. It is a pleasure to know her.

Faye Adams
Carmel, IN

Linda is a true professional. From tutoring my 7 year old boy after school to teaching my preschooler, she knows exactly what they need. They love to work with her. She treats them like her own. I can trust her to challenge them no matter where they are developmentally. They always come away feeling empowered and super excited about school. I recommend her to all my friends.

Kelly Compton
Westfield, IN

After a summer of private tutoring, our daughter began reading and now is at the top of her kindergarten class for reading and writing. Her confidence has blossomed in tangent with these skills. It has been a joy to witness.

Heather Geon
Carmel, IN

Little Scholars Learning Academy has been a wonderful experience for our son! The atmosphere that Miss Linda creates is loving and kind, all while creating a challenging and engaging curriculum for the kids. Miss Linda truly encourages fun in learning. My son comes home every day with a smile on his face and lots of fun stories to tell! He has such an excitement for school and can't wait to start Kindergarten. He is so well-prepared to start this next step thanks to Little Scholars Preschool!

Brad & Laura McNew
Fishers, IN

Miss Linda has been a teacher to our children for over five years now. Her teaching styles and methods have proven to be incredibly valuable as they step through their milestones and move on to their future. We are so grateful for her warm heart and caring personality and feel so blessed that she is teaching our children. She is dedicated to her work and creates a personal relationship with each child she has in her classroom. She learns their areas of strength and struggle in order for that child to reach their highest potential and uses games, play, observation, and one on one time as just some of her tools to do so. I would recommend any child start their educational path with Little Scholars Learning Academy.

Brian & Nellie Harden
Noblesville, IN