Little Scholars Learning Academy, as an innovative early education program, provides a strong foundation for life-long learning while allowing each child to develop academically at their own pace in preparation for their next school environment.

First and foremost, I would like to say THANK YOU for entrusting me with your child. I am so excited to begin another year as Little Scholars Learning Academy, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to work alongside you in the educational experience of your child.

Parents are viewed as partners in their child's learning experience. Beginning the second week of school, your child will be bringing home some work that reinforces what is being taught. This is optional. There is no doubt that progress is greater when the skills are practiced again at home, however, it is okay to not do the homework. Please, please do not worry if it isn't done.

Library Books
Each day your child will be able to check out a book from the classroom library. Please take this opportunity to sit down and read with your child. While reading, point out sight words and words that begin with the sound your child is learning. If your child is reading to you, have them practice reading with expression. Pay special attention to the punctuation at the end of the sentences. Also, ask your child questions before, during and after reading the book; thus allowing them to "think aloud" while reading.
Please do your best to return all library books brought home by your child within two weeks, as these are utilized by all students. As soon as the book is returned, another book may be checked out. There will be a $5.00 fee for each book that is not returned.

Health Policy
If your child will not be able to attend school due to illness, please notify me the evening before or the morning of class. Students must be in good health and free of communicable diseases each day they are at school. Please do not bring children if they have had diarrhea, fever within the past 24 hours, vomiting, excessive runny nose or cough, or any communicable diseases. My policy is that children must be clear of all symptoms for a full 24 hours before attending school. If a child becomes ill while at school, a parent or emergency contact person will be called to pick up the child.
*Classes may be made-up if there is space.

Make-Up Classes
The program is a tuition-based program that does offer make-up classes if there is space. Regular attendance is necessary to allow newly won skills to become fully developed and reinforced. Please make every attempt to have your child attend each and every scheduled session.

Children should wear comfortable play clothes for floor play and artwork. I am requesting that all students bring a change of clothes in their backpacks. While I do take every precaution to keep your child clean, dry erase markers, paint and water do occasionally get on clothes.

Birthday/Holiday Celebrations
Birthdays and holidays are a special time. Please notify me in advance if you will be sending in special items.

Discipline Policy
My philosophy of early childhood education is to provide a warm and loving atmosphere in which children can grow and develop into the people God has planned for them to be. By planning age-appropriate activities, conflicts may be minimized. Positive reinforcement is the encouragement tool for my students. In the event that redirection of behavior becomes necessary, it will be handled in a positive way to preserve the child's self-esteem and dignity. If a child engages in repeated aggressive behavior such as biting, kicking, scratching or hitting, I will meet with the parents to determine the best course of action.

Open and honest communication between families and Little Scholars Learning Academy is a vital part of a high quality program. As an advocate for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Your child is my number one priority!!!

My house is your house. Parents/Guardians are welcome at any time. Observations and volunteering in the classroom are encouraged.

Parent Conferences
Parent Conferences will be held three times during the school year. At this time, report cards will be presented. It is not necessary for both parents to attend.

Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures
Pease form a line in front of the driveway. As a child is helped out of the car, please pull slowly ahead to the forward-most position in the carline area. At pick up, please form a line in front of the driveway. Stay in the car and let me walk your child to the car. Once your child is in the car, please pull out of the way of traffic to buckle your child into his/her seat. If a child is left five minutes past dismissal time, a late fee will be assessed.

Referral Fee
Thank you for your referrals. When the person you refer is enrolled in Little Scholars for two months, $50.00 will be deducted from your next month's tuition.